Building sustainable futures in Montana's Flathead Valley

About us - Why choose holdfast icf

Your Trusted Partner in ICF Construction

You are at the heart of our business. Here at Holdfast ICF, we honor your deep-rooted connection to Montana’s rich building traditions. From the awe-inspiring expanses of Flathead Valley to each vibrant Montana community, we understand Your need for innovative construction solutions that stand up to the unique challenges of our local environment.

Your Vision,
Powered by Innovation

Your vision requires cutting-edge solutions. This is why we have committed to pioneering the ICF industry by partnering with SuperForm™️. Your projects deserve the highest quality ICF blocks and accessories, and we are here to provide them. Our purpose is to meet your demands, bringing global best practices to Flathead Valley, and ensuring that your construction projects last for generations while providing a sustainable, cost-effective end product.


David Laird

Meet David, the driving force behind Holdfast ICF. With two decades in the construction and contracting industry, David has honed his skills across  hundreds of projects, emphasizing a hands-on approach and a keen eye for detail. His specialization in concrete construction is not just a profession but a passion, a commitment to delivering outstanding quality that sets apart each project under his care.

Jon Weimer

Meet Jon, a key pillar at Holdfast ICF, whose dedication and keen attention to detail are at the heart of every project. Passionate about building not just structures but also strong customer relationships, Jon focuses on delivering a seamless and high-quality service experience. Skilled in planning, designing, and coordinating, he ensures that every project is executed with precision for optimal results.

Why Holdfast ICF Is Your Perfect Choice

As Holdfast ICF evolves, our commitment to you remains steadfast: superior quality, unwavering integrity, and a passion for sustainable building. Your legacy in Montana and the Flathead Valley shapes the future of construction, and we’re here to ensure it’s a future built to last.

Your Community, Strengthened by Our ICF Solutions

You are building more than just structures; you are building communities. We take pride in being part of Your journey, supplying ICF blocks that lay the foundation for safe, durable, and energy-efficient homes and businesses. Your project receives the Holdfast ICF promise of excellence, continuing Montana’s heritage of strong community bonds and resilient building practices.