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Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section, where you’ll find answers to all your questions about Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), and building with it here in Northwest Montana.

Learn more about how SuperForm ICF can transform your building experience, promote energy efficiency, and support your health and comfort.

SuperForm is the go-to for ICF due to its unparalleled durability, superior fire resistance, exceptional sound dampening, immense energy savings, low maintenance, and resilience in the face of disasters.

When you compare the overall expenses, building a home with SuperForm ICF technology is generally only about 5% more than traditional construction methods. This does not factor in the long-term reductions in energy bills and maintenance costs.

In many regions, professionals have grown accustomed to using ICF for basements. As a result, constructing basements with SuperForm ICF often costs less or is comparable to traditional methods by the time the project is completed.

Homes built fully with SuperForm ICF can see energy expenses reduced by up to 60% when compared to standard construction.

ICF construction creates an environment that reduces exposure to mold, decay, and harmful emissions, offering a cleaner living space. In emergencies like fires, ICF produces less toxicity compared to materials like pine or cotton.

The effective R-Value of SuperForm’s ICF walls is about double that of a typical 2×6 wall, considering EPS foam insulation on both sides and the thermal mass of concrete.

Following ACI 318 standard practices, SuperForm ICF can be safely stacked and poured up to 12 to 15 feet in height by experienced installers. For those newer to the process, 8 to 10 feet is more common.

ICF blocks boast exceptional structural integrity, often eliminating the need for additional fasteners. However, near corners or openings, some reinforcement may be necessary.

Every six inches, SuperForm blocks incorporate a 1.5-inch furring strip for easy attachment of drywall, siding, and cabinets, mimicking traditional studs but with greater durability and pullout strength.

While ICF blocks fit tightly together, below-grade applications still require damp-proofing. We provide high-quality materials to ensure waterproofing is both effective and straightforward.

Not at all. SuperForm’s blocks are designed for flexibility. We do recommend designing in 1-foot increments for ease of construction, but our blocks are adaptable to various dimensions.

Yes, but concrete must be heated when temperatures drop below 5°C (41°F). Additional precautions like covering the tops of walls may be necessary to prevent freezing.

We pride ourselves on our green initiatives, recycling most community EPS foam and in-house plastics, emitting no harmful substances. SuperForm’s efficiency contributes to lower resource usage overall.

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