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why superform eps?

SuperForm EPS insulation uses the latest technology for easy setup in both homes and businesses. It meets the highest quality standards and is great for many uses, including roofs and underground spaces. This durable and efficient insulation is budget-friendly and environmentally friendly. It keeps buildings warm during cold Montana winters and cool during the summer, ensuring year-round energy savings.


SuperForm EPS excels underground, providing permanent insulation with exceptional moisture resistance and stable R-value, keeping basements and foundations thermally efficient year-round.

Elevate your above-grade walls with SuperForm EPS, offering robust insulation that maintains its R-value over time, ensuring continuous energy savings and comfort.

Opt for SuperPex Panels engineered with SuperForm EPS, built for versatility and ease of installation, ideal for a broad range of construction applications.

SuperForm EIFS+ brings high performance to external wall systems, combining EPS insulation with a finish system that yields superior energy efficiency and architectural freedom.

Incorporating SuperForm EPS into your precast panels delivers a precise, energy-efficient envelope, enhancing the thermal integrity of both commercial and residential structures.

Optimize your building’s structure and insulation simultaneously with SuperForm SIP Panels, where EPS acts as both a core to the panel and a sturdy thermal barrier.

When SuperForm EPS is applied to roofing applications, it offers exceptional durability and thermal resistance, safeguarding buildings against heat loss and gain.

Choose SuperForm Billets for large projects requiring custom shapes and sizes of EPS, carved to fit unique specifications without compromising thermal performance.

Specifically engineered for frost-sensitive areas, SuperForm Frost Impact Board provides outstanding insulation and structural integrity, resisting frost heave and soil movement.

Combat expansive soils and frost heave with SuperForm SuperVoid, designed to be flexible yet durable, responding to natural ground movement without transferring stress to structures.

Tailor your insulation to meet the exact needs of your project with SuperForm Custom Cuts, ensuring optimal fit and performance for any specialty application.

Easy to install

Installing SuperForm EPS insulation is a straightforward and hassle-free process, designed to fit seamlessly into your construction project. Thanks to its lightweight nature and versatility, it can be easily cut to size and shaped to fit any space, making it perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders. With SuperForm EPS, you’ll spend less time on installation and more time enjoying the benefits of superior insulation.

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What is the difference?

EPS+ is a high-quality insulation foam that works well for different parts of a building, offering steady insulation and strength.

Max includes the qualities of EPS+ but is made with a special ingredient, graphite, making it even better at keeping heat in or out, making it more cost-effective.

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